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Prototype Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Prototype
  • Game Description: Prototype is a game where you have the role of Alex Mercer, fighting a secret war in New York City. Mercer is caught up in a conspiracy related to his past, and it threatens to tear the fabric of mankind apart. But Mercer is a shapeshifter: he can become a perfect replica of and steal the skills of anyone he sees. Prototype is developed by Radical Entertainment.

Fast EP cheat for Prototype on Xbox 360

This is a tip not a cheat... sorry


1. The “Projectiles” event unlocked
2. Infected vision

Go to the location of the Projectiles event (mark it on you map).

Start the event but instead of doing it just switch to homing missiles and kick on your infected vision and use the helicopter to blow up the surrounding water towers, they will glow making them easy to find.

You get unlimited missiles and get 10,000 EP for ever tower and can average about 200,000 per run.

Once the event ends just restart it by hitting X and make another run.

Game Name: Prototype

Cheat Name: Fast EP

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