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Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
  • Game Description: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is set to take this beautiful game to the next level with its inimitable and unmatched Teamvision system. This system actively learns from the way you play, your style and tricks to adapt and counter realistically. It seems very realistic in every way. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008’s rosters of licensed players on Xbox 360 enjoy the facility of a wide range of flicks, nutmegs and set-pieces. You will also find more realistic and unsavory elements of the game in shirt pulling, diving and fouls.

Tip: Beating the Keeper cheat for Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 on Xbox 360

To beat the keeper easy you must get the ball in and around the goal area.

As soon as the keeper comes out you press X, then straight after move your left anolog stick to which ever side you want your player to beat the keeper on, and at the same time hold A.

Game Name: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Cheat Name: Tip: Beating the Keeper

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