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Prison Break Xbox 360 Cheats


Achievements cheat for Prison Break on Xbox 360

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Prison Break

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All Inked Up - 15 GamerPoints - Get tattoos for all six locations on your body.
Bloody Knuckles - 15 GamerPoints - Punch the heavy bag for at least 10 minutes - accumulated).
Burglar - 15 GamerPoints - Complete the lock picking tutorial.
Doesn't Play Well with Others - 90 GamerPoints - Beat up more than 100 people on Shark.
Fighter - 15 GamerPoints - Complete the fighting tutorial.
First Blood - 15 GamerPoints - Beat your first opponent in underground fights.
Indefinite Furlough - 30 GamerPoints - Finish the game at any difficulty.
Insult to Injury - 30 GamerPoints - Win a fight using only reversal moves and finishing moves.
Invisible - 90 GamerPoints - Complete every chapter without being seen.
Lightning Reflexes - 30 GamerPoints - Successfully perform 50 reversal moves in fights.
Locksmith - 15 GamerPoints - Successfully lock pick or unscrew five doors or grates without being spotted.
Mogul - 30 GamerPoints - Earn $5000.
Monkey - 15 GamerPoints - First time climbing completed!
Ninja - 15 GamerPoints - Complete chapter one without getting spotted.
Pugilist - 15 GamerPoints - Don't get knocked out in five consecutive fights.
Ringer - 15 GamerPoints - Defeat 50 enemies in underground fights.
Stalker - 15 GamerPoints - Complete the stealth tutorial.
Swole - 15 GamerPoints - Lift the weights for at least 10 minutes - accumulated).
The Best Defense... - 30 GamerPoints - Win a fight without blocking.
The Great White - 85 GamerPoints - Finish the game on Shark.
Unbruised - 15 GamerPoints - Win a match flawlessly in underground fights.
Untouchable - 30 GamerPoints - Win a match flawlessly in underground fights on Shark.

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