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Phantom Breaker Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Phantom Breaker
Game Description: Enter into a highly mysterious Japanese fighting tournament game organised by a shady character called Phantom, where each combatant undergoes an array of ever-more powerful opponents. The winner of each combat obtains the chance to have a wish granted to their desire. Choose from a range of fighters before battling it out in a hard and fast style with several super-charged combos or strong defence mechanisms. Charge your ‘Overdrive Bar’ through a series of well-executed and timed attacks or defences against your opponent. Once charged, you can release your ‘Overdrive Bar’ to perform more intense attacks or temporarily block any attacks that come your way.


Achievements cheat for Phantom Breaker on Xbox 360

game name:

Phantom Breaker

cheat title:



You are the champion! - 30 gamerpoints - Unlocked when arcade mode is completed on any difficulty.
Flash! - 5 gamerpoints - Use Overdrive mode while the fight style is set to Quick. [Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]
Rock you! - 5 gamerpoints - Use Overdrive mode while the fight style is set to Hard. [Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]
Going slightly mad! - 10 gamerpoints - Use a Counter-Burst. [Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]
Under pressure? - 10 gamerpoints - Unlocked when guard break is applied. [Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]
Save me! - 10 gamerpoints - Unlocked when emergency is used. [Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]
Break free! - 15 gamerpoints - Perform at least 30 successful counter-attacks in one round. [Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]
Now I'm here! - 5 gamerpoints - Unlocked after winning a ranked match for the first time.
Keep yourself alive! - 15 gamerpoints - Unlocked after winning ranked matches twice in a row.
Rushing headlong! - 15 gamerpoints - Unlocked after fighting 25 ranked matches.
Don't stop me now! - 25 gamerpoints - Unlocked after fighting 50 ranked matches.

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