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Perfect Dark Zero Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Perfect Dark Zero
  • Game Description: Perfect Dark Zero is an Xbox 360 exclusive game featuring Joanna Dark. Perfect Dark Zero is a prequel to the award winning first person shooter game, Perfect Dark developed by Rare. The background of the story is the war between shadowy corporations fighting for world domination. Joanna and her father Jack are caught in this battle for supremacy of the world. Joanna's destiny is changed during a routine bounty mission. You need to guide Joanna to become the perfect agent. Perfect Dark Zero has a fascinating story line and will take you deep into the world of corporate espionage and conspiracy. The game design and amazing graphics only add to the excitement of this game and promises to deliver a never before Xbox 360 experience.

Air Walking Urban Team Kill Count cheat for Perfect Dark Zero on Xbox 360

First of all go to Urban Team kill count then grab a flying thing and get as high as possible.

Then go up top of the building by the attacker's base.

You should see a glass thing on top of the building.

Smash it (or shoot it) (not with a rocket launcher!) and hop in!

If you drop your gun, it will float and so will you! If you shoot the air, it will kill you.

Game Name: Perfect Dark Zero

Cheat Name: Air Walking Urban Team Kill Count

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