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Overlord II Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Overlord II
Game Description: Remember Overlord? The twisted fantasy action adventure in which you got to wield power with great relish? Well, in Overlord II, there's a new Overlord and an even more powerful army of Minions fighting in an epic war inspired by the rise of the Roman Empire. The throngs of Minions have new powers in this game: they can saddle up and ride wolves so they can wreak destruction even more efficiently. But it's not only wolves the Minions can ride, but plenty of other magical creatures that show up. The Glorious Empire is running roughshod over every kingdom, destroying any and every sign of magic it can find. But it's cool: the Minions are smarter and more destructive, able to use their pack mentality to counter the regimented legions of the Glorious Empire.


Easy Gnome and Crystals Achievement cheat for Overlord II on Xbox 360

game name:

Overlord II

cheat title:

Easy Gnome and Crystals Achievement


Go to the place where you collect the last tower heart shards and go to the sanctuary there.

Where the tower heart is, in the gnome hole, pull the heart off and either put minions on a guard marker over the hole and collect the pink criystals when possible or stand oveer the hole and squish those gnomes. It will also give you the crystals.

This will also give you the gnome acheivement.

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