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Ninja Gaiden 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Ninja Gaiden 3
Game Description: Everyone knows the world's most famous ninja, Ryu Hayabusa, but what really is behind the mask? What drives him? Ninja Gaiden 3 will take gamers on that journey as they discover why he fights, and why he kills. Ninja Gaiden 3 promises a new story, new gameplay and a new experience, and should not be missed by fans of the series!


Shadow of the Warrior Unlockables cheat for Ninja Gaiden 3 on Xbox 360

game name:

Ninja Gaiden 3

cheat title:

Shadow of the Warrior Unlockables


Complete the task below to unlock the bonus listed.

Adept Armor - Reach Player Level 3.
Adept Headgear - Reach Player Level 3.
Bandage Armor - Successfully betray your team one time in Clan Battle.
Black Spider Armor - Successfully complete one Ultimate Ninja Trial.
Black Spider Headgear - Successfully complete one Ultimate Ninja Trial.
Color - Amaranth - Reach Player Level 50.
Color - Ash - Reach Player Level 5.
Color - Blood - Reach Player Level 25.
Color - Earth - Reach Player Level 2.
Color - Fire - Reach Player Level 20.
Color - Forest - Reach Player Level 35.
Color - Ice - Reach Player Level 10.
Color - Sand - Reach Player Level 15.
Color - Sky - Reach Player Level 40.
Color - Toad - Reach Player Level 30.
Color - Twilight - Reach Player Level 45.
Crest Headgear - Successfully complete ten Acolyte Ninja Trials.
Crimson Demon Armor - Win one Team Battle in Clan Battle.
Crimson Demon Headgear - Win two Team Battles in Clan Battle.
Dark Ninja Armor - Successfully complete three Ultimate Ninja Trials.
Dark Ninja Headgear - Successfully complete three Ultimate Ninja Trials.
Dark Wings Headgear - Successfully complete five Mentor Ninja Trials.
Hanya Headgear - Successfully complete five Leader Ninja Trials.
Hyottoko Headgear - Successfully complete one Master Ninja Trial.
MagojiroHeadgear - Successfully complete three Master Ninja Trials.
Mentor Armor - Reach Player Level 6.
Mentor Headgear - Reach Player Level 6.
Nioh Headgear - Successfully complete five Master Ninja Trials.
Okame Headgear - Successfully complete two Master Ninja Trials.
Old Man Armor - Kill one leader in Clan Battle.
Old Man Headgear - Kill two leaders in Clan Battle.
Power Up - Arrows +2 - Reach Player Level 8, 12, 17, or 22.
Power Up - Shuriken +4 - Reach Player Level 9, 13, 18, or 23.
Regent Armor - Successfully complete two Ultimate Ninja Trials.
Regent Headgear - Successfully complete two Ultimate Ninja Trials.
Scarlet Headgear - Successfully complete one Mentor Ninja Trial.
Shuriken Headgear - Successfully complete ten Mentor Ninja Trials.
Tengu Headgear - Successfully complete four Master Ninja Trials.
Three Strokes Headgear - Successfully complete five Acolyte Ninja Trials.
Trainee Headgear - Successfully complete one Leader Ninja Trial.
Wanderer Armor - Win one Battle Royale in Clan Battle.
Wanderer Headgear - Win two Battle Royales in Clan Battle.
White Fox Headgear - Successfully betray your team two times in Clan Battle.

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