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Nier Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Nier
  • Game Description: Nier is the name of the protagonist in Square Enix's latest adventure game. It takes place in a dystopian world dogged by strange diseases and creatures that defy description. As you assume the role of Nier, you must search to find a cure for your daughter, who has become ill with the Black Scrawl virus. As Nier, you have a mysterious book and a number of allies, and you will encounter things that would test the most experienced warrior. In this game you'll experience top battle cinematics and explore haunting places in the kind of story line that Square Enix excels at.

Achievements cheat for Nier on Xbox 360

A Round by the Pond - 10 gamerpoints - You caught one of every type of fish
A True Friend - 10 gamerpoints - Defeat a certain boss within one minute
All Aboared! - 10 gamerpoints - You rode a boar for at least five minutes
Boss of the Junk Heap - 10 gamerpoints - Defeat a certain boss within four and a half minutes
Combo Fanatic - 15 gamerpoints - Pull off a 50-hit combo
Combo Master - 30 gamerpoints - Pull off a 100-hit combo
Educated Warrior - 10 gamerpoints - Read the final novel segment
Fish of Legend - 10 gamerpoints - You caught a rhizodont
Forging Master - 20 gamerpoints - You upgraded 30 weapons to their maximum level
Go-To Guy - 10 gamerpoints - Complete 30 quests
Jack of All Trades - 10 gamerpoints - Complete 20 quests
King of the Lost Shrine - 10 gamerpoints - Defeat a certain boss within two and a half minutes
Legendary Gardener - 10 gamerpoints - You successfully cultivated the legendary flower
Lightspeed Fighter - 10 gamerpoints - You completed the game within fifteen hours
Man of Means - 10 gamerpoints - Accumulate 1,000,000 pieces of gold
Material Hunter - 10 gamerpoints - You collected 50 types of raw materials
Reform Specialist - 10 gamerpoints - You upgraded 15 weapons to their maximum level
The Magic Man - 15 gamerpoints - Learn every type of magic
The Sheep Whisperer - 10 gamerpoints - You killed 100 sheep
Upgrade Apprentice - 10 gamerpoints - You upgraded 5 weapons to their maximum level
Village Handyman - 10 gamerpoints - Complete 10 quests
Weapons Collector - 30 gamerpoints - Find every weapon
Wordsmith - 10 gamerpoints - Collect 50 percent of all words

Game Name: Nier

Cheat Name: Achievements

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