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Need for Speed Most Wanted Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Need for Speed Most Wanted
  • Game Description: Need For Speed Most Wanted is currently one of the most famous games made for the Xbox 360 console and it is a part of the Need For Speed Underground Series which has sold millions of copies so far. People all over the world became a fan of this series which allows the gamer to become the most subtle street racer of all. The police car chases surpass any of the Hollywood movie scenes and the new challenges and customizable options make the game all the more interesting. Need For Speed Most Wanted is a game that lets you to be elusive and escape arrest, it allows you to defeat your rivals at a race and make great use of miles of open road right ahead of your car. The game features some of the hottest cars like tuners and sports cars. With the new customizing options you get to manage your heat and use various tactics to keep the cops away.

Tip: Time and Bounty cheat for Need for Speed Most Wanted on Xbox 360

During a pursuit evade cops enough that they are about to lose you at level 3 or higher, then go through coliseum to construction area where the pursuit breaker is.
Just before you jump off onto highway stop there will most likely be a road block.
Sit there and they will just keep ramming into the wall below you, building your bounty and allowing your time to run up.
When you get what you need turn around and there is a hiding spot right behind you.

Game Name: Need for Speed Most Wanted

Cheat Name: Tip: Time and Bounty

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