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NHL 10 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: NHL 10
  • Game Description: NHL 10 is part of the franchise that won 19 sports game of the year awards in the past few years. The new gaming innovations make NHL10 tougher than ever, with all the emotion of a hockey game on the ice and in the arena. It features 200 gameplay updates and a new first person fighting engine so you can trade punches with the best of them. You'll feel like you're on the ice as an NHL player, throwing punches and avoiding them too. You can get the fans roiled up and into the action, as they cheer your team to victory. But be careful: if you challenge a skill player, an opposing team roughneck will step into the arena to try and settle things. NHL10 delivers the toughness and emotion of playoff hockey that you've been waiting for.

Double Chance Scoring Tip cheat for NHL 10 on Xbox 360

Here's a tip for more scoring opportunities. When you have the puck get far away as possible from the goal (not too far though!). You should also have a player right in close by the net/goalie.

Shoot it as hard as you can and when the goalie tries to save the puck it will bounce off him and by then he should be flat on the ground.

The player close to the net should get the rebound and score easy.

Game Name: NHL 10

Cheat Name: Double Chance Scoring Tip

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