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NHL 09 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: NHL 09
  • Game Description: NHL 09 brings you to the new generation of sports video gaming as you get to play as yourself with the help of two game modes. You can play as a single player going from AHL to NHL or you can choose the multiplayer mode and assemble up a team with as many as 50 friends and play the EA Sports Hockey League. NHL 09 brings a new dimension to the Xbox 360 sports video games where you get to evolve your game the way you want to. Develop your NHL career with NHL 09.

2 on 1 Goal cheat for NHL 09 on Xbox 360

When it is a two on one be spread apart and pass it about three times back and forth between the defensive man until you're two feet in front of the goalie's crest.

Make sure your partner is to the opposite side of you (split apart) and pass it to him, then quickly press RB (to call for pass) and when you pass it to the other player the goalie will go down and try to save it.

Then when he passes it back, take a wrister top left/right corner.

Game Name: NHL 09

Cheat Name: 2 on 1 Goal

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