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NCAA Football 2007 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: NCAA Football 2007
  • Game Description: NCAA Football 07 is college football's most celebrated video game. If you can maintain momentum on the field, you have a chance to succeed - either be it against your biggest rivals or when playing in the inaugural BCS National Championship Game in Dynasty mode. NCAA Football 07 in Xbox 360 captures every detail of the game in graphical mode and the authenticity of the stadiums, mascots, marching bands and the players themselves have to be seen to be believed. No doubt that this is the most realistic college football experience ever.

Tip: Under 100 Yards Achievment cheat for NCAA Football 2007 on Xbox 360

When you are in your game, go to the menu and go to settings.
Then click GAME AI, put that all the way up. Then go to GAME RULES. Put everyone down to 0.
Then when you are on defense stand behind the QB.
If the QB is in shotgun, you can stand right behind the Center to get the fumble.
Just be careful not to touch anyone when you're offside

Game Name: NCAA Football 2007

Cheat Name: Tip: Under 100 Yards Achievment

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