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NBA 2K14 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: NBA 2K14
  • Game Description: The most well-known basketball simulation franchise returns to the Xbox 360 (and also debuts on the Xbox One) in the form on NBA 2K14. This is also the first time that Lebron James will feature on a cover. Look forward to more of the best from the basketball series that you can count on to deliver a realistic experience.

Tall Players on D cheat for NBA 2K14 on Xbox 360

Use tall players to play defense, so tall players on the offense won’t be able to just outreach them. Tall players also have a better chance of getting the ball on the rebound. When playing defense, you want to focus your efforts on protecting the basket and guarding all of your opponents. Nevertheless, if it looks like a player on the other team is getting into position to make a 3-point shot, you should increase the pressure on that player. There is a 24-second shot timer, during which the player must get the ball to the basket and score. Therefore, if you can put enough pressure on to distract your opponents for 24 seconds, the danger will pass.

Game Name: NBA 2K14

Cheat Name: Tall Players on D

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