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NBA 2K13 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: NBA 2K13
  • Game Description: Play world-class basketball as one of the all-star teams in the NBA with some seriously realistic animations. Make the crowd go wild with your dribbling, strategic passes and slam dunks into the basket. View the game from numerous different angles and experience the championship of basketball gaming.

Get in Good Teams at the Draft cheat for NBA 2K13 on Xbox 360

In general, you need to play very badly!

Like doing personal fouls (by pressing select), throwing shots from all around the court that are impossible, creating turnovers, and trying to be fouled out.

When it's done, the interviews come next and very good teams like the Thunder, Heat, Bulls, Lakers and etc will have chosen because of your bad game.

Game Name: NBA 2K13

Cheat Name: Get in Good Teams at the Draft

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