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Mirror's Edge Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Mirror's Edge
  • Game Description: Faith, a runner who transports sensitive messages, evading the snooping surveillance of the government is the main character of the Mirror's Edge. Developed by EA and published on Xbox 360 platform, this game comes across as a first person action adventure. The player has to take up the role of Faith, whose sister has been framed and now he is being chased. Unreal Engine 3 powers the Mirror’s Edge, it makes even hand-to-hand combat possible with high-definition graphics and visual effects making the characters seem real. The players have to engage in intense combat and speedy chases to live on in this city of dangers and save his sister.

Invisible Wall cheat for Mirror's Edge on Xbox 360

Start the training level and where the stairs are go to the side of them.

Run up the wall and right at the top of your peak, turn around and jump to the left.

This will drop you and then you'll hover for a split second, and then drop on to a platform.

There is a door that you can pop your head out of to see the bottom of the map!

Game Name: Mirror's Edge

Cheat Name: Invisible Wall

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