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Minecraft Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Minecraft
  • Game Description: The highly anticipated and widely popular Minecraft has finally arrived on everyone's favorite console - the Xbox 360. In Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition you can create entire worlds from home and choose to either build alone or with your friends. You are limited on by your imagination in Minecraft!

Unlimited Supplies in Survival Mode cheat for Minecraft on Xbox 360

First, save and exit your game. You will now be on the main screen. Press A when on Play Now.

Create a new world or go into the one you saved. Before you press A on OK, switch game mode to creative and difficulty on peaceful, so there are no zombies or anything to destroy your work.

If in saved game, make an extra room with about 9-10 large chests. You make a chest in creative mode by pressing X, and going to the picture on the far right, a lava bucket. The first block there will be a chest.

Make about 9-10 chests in your newly built room. If not enough space, dig down to the ground. When finished, you will open the very first chest you created after pressing the X button and selecting every block row by row with the Button Y.

Do same with all chests, but with different materials.

Now save your game, and remember what you called your World.

Now save an exit. Press A when on Play Now. You go to your previously saved world, change game mode to survival and difficulty to any difficulty you want, and you will find yourself in your house, where everything you need in the game is just in ONE ROOM!

Game Name: Minecraft

Cheat Name: Unlimited Supplies in Survival Mode

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