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Metro: Last Light Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Metro: Last Light
  • Game Description: Metro: Last Light is set in the year 2034 in a post-apocalyptic Moscow. The last remnants of all humankind are down in the Metro system, holed up, and are being attacked constantly by threats from the outside, and also those that manage to make it within the Metro. Mutants roam freely, and as if that wasn't enough, there is also a civil war brewing...

Pick Your Ending/Morality Guide cheat for Metro: Last Light on Xbox 360

There are two endings in Metro: Last Light. You can get either the Redemption ending (good) or the C'est La Vie ending (bad) and it is determined by the number of morality points you have when you complete the game.

To increase your chances of getting the good ending, you need to do as many "good" things as possible while playing the game (duh). This is stuff like not killing soldiers that surrender, saving women and children, exploring, etc. You should see a white flash across the screen when you do something "good".

Below is a list to help you out. Of course if you do something bad, you will undo all the good stuff you've been doing, so check out the list of bad stuff below too.

Good Stuff / Increase Morality Points

Do what NPCs instruct to the letter
Play musical instruments
See all the visions in "Dead City"
Spare surrendering soldiers (don't kill them!)
Successfully complete "Bridge" without killing humans
Successfully complete "Facility" without killing humans
Successfully complete "Revolution" without killing humans
Successfully complete "Separation" without killing humans
Listen to the dialogue in populated areas/explore the areas
Listening to NPC stories (don't skip them!)
Save women and children
Find the hidden ammo caches on "Quarantine"
Return the crying kid's teddy bear in "Venice"

Bad Stuff/Lose Morality Points

Steal in populated areas
Kill surrendering soldiers
Kill humans

Game Name: Metro: Last Light

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