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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
  • Game Description: The infamous and extremely popular Metal Gear Solid series arrives on the Xbox 360 finally and you get to play the following three parts of the series on your console: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Each of the games are, of course, much enhanced and being delivered to you in high definition for the very much time! Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: Try and stop a highly deadly and technical weapon from falling into the hands of a mysterious group called Dead Cell. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater: The race is on to create the most powerful nation on the planet and your role is to go behind enemy lines and find out exactly what the "Metal Gear" prototype weapon on. This is where "Naked Snake" comes into the battle as you must use stealth and other abilities as best you can to carry out your mission objectives. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker: Set in the 1970s, parties from Costa Rica and Columbia are teaming up to bring chaos and destuction to the world. Once again you are Naked Snake and will need to use all your skills to carry out the tasks requested of you.

Game Unlockables (MGS3) cheat for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on Xbox 360

Camouflage: Animals - Defeat Ocelot to get the Animals camouflage.
Camouflage: Banana - Get the high score in each stage of the Snake Vs. Ape mini-game.
Camouflage: Cold War - Defeat Volgen to get the Cold War camouflage.
Camouflage: DPM - Complete "Special" with top scores to unlock the DPM camouflage. Alternately, obtain the "MGS3: First Bite" CD and download the camouflage from it.
Camouflage: Fire - Defeat The Fury to get the Fire camouflage.
Camouflage: Fly - Go to Grainy Gorki Lab second floor and go into the bathroom. Break the last stall door off (kicking recommended). Go inside to find the Fly camouflage. When wearing it, flies will suddenly swarm around you.
Camouflage: Grenade - The Grenade camouflage gives unlimited grenades. It can be downloaded from the official web site for the game.
Camouflage: Hornet Stripe - Defeat The Pain to get the Pain camouflage.
Camouflage: Moss - Get near The End and when he hits you, open your map from survival viewer and sneak to the red dot. The dot is The End. Point a shotgun at him. Note: The weapon must be the shotgun. He will lay down but will not give it to you. Aim your shotgun two or three more times and he will give the Moss Camouflage to you.
Camouflage: Mummy - The Mummy camouflage makes you take less damage. It can be downloaded from the official web site for the game.
Camouflage: Raindrop - On the Virtuous mission, you will reach a bridge. Drop down the wall at the far end of the bridge (left side). There will be a ledge with an M16, grenades and some kind of med-kit. Go to the same area on the Snake Eater mission to find the Raindrop camouflage.
Camouflage: Snake - Defeat The Boss to get the Snake camouflage.
Camouflage: Spider - The Fear's Spider Camo is one of the best in the game. It will raise you camo up to 75 to 80 no matter where you are, but there is a catch. When wear it, the camo will drain your stamina. It is best to only use it when absolutely needed.
Camouflage: Spirit - Finish the game completely.
Camouflage: Stealth - Find and shoot the hidden frog in every area to unlock the Stealth camouflage.
Camouflage: Tuxedo - Finish the game completely.
Mask: Monkey - Get the top five high scores in the Snake Vs. Ape mini-game.
Mask: Raiden - Select the "I liked MG2" option when starting the game. This will also change the introduction sequence.
Paint: Green Face - Complete Duel mode and have the top score in "Normal" to unlock the Green Face Paint.
Paint: Kabuki Face - After you meet Eva behind the waterfall in Tikhogornyj, go back out of the waterfall. As soon as you come out, there should be a small lake in front of you with fish in it. Look in the northeast corner of the lake to find the Kabuki Face Paint.
Paint: Oyama Face - Go to Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls. Go to the west side of the area. Walk north when you reach a light pole. There will be a grassy area next to the main building. About halfway into the grassy area, there should be a hole in the wall which leads into a duct. Enter the hole. Once inside, go to the left and the Oyama Face Paint will be there.
Paint: Snow Face - When you get to Balshaya Past Base, go to the south. There should be a turret. To the left of the turret is a tunnel. Go into the tunnel. Under the first wooden bridge, there will be the Snow Face Paint.
Paint: Water Face - Immediately after you defeat The Fear, go all the way back to Ponizovje South. It will be at the beginning of Ponizovje South.
Paint: Water Face - Immediately after you defeat The Fear, go all the way back to Ponizovje South. It will be at the beginning of Ponizovje South.
Paint: Zombie Face - The Zombie Face Paint is located in Rassvet. It is behind the building where you meet Sokolov and EVA, and next to the two barrels. Note: It can only be found while in Operation Snake Eater.

Game Name: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Cheat Name: Game Unlockables (MGS3)

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