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Medal of Honor Airborne Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Medal of Honor Airborne
  • Game Description: Medal of Honor Airborne is a game based on the times towards the end of World War II. It involves grueling ground and sky battles in an attempt to turn the tide of the World War II. You begin each mission in air above the axis-controlled battlefields, trying to leave your mark in the biggest airborne operations in history. You start with a C-47 transport plane, later you can switch to better aircrafts. Your very choice of the next plane can have a lasting effect on your fate. To have a strategic advantage you should control your parachute in the air such that you land in a good spot. You have to devise your own strategy in Medal Of Honor Airborne to be ahead of others. You can either follow the green smoke indicating you the preferred landing spots where ally forces will be waiting for you or you can choose to go all alone by landing on balconies and rooftops. Medal of Honor Airborne is available online on Xbox 360. However, your success in the mission depends on range of choices you make. Your every choice from the landing spot to the enemies you engage with in battle on ground will determine if you will be called an Airborne elite.

Elite MG 42 guys cheat for Medal of Honor Airborne on Xbox 360

These guys a brutal, the most effective way to kill them is with a shotgun, or a Thompson.
To kill them you want to use you grenades first if you have any, this is to weaken them.
Then you get your Thompson and keep you iron sights on him. But you really need to have the 50 round drum to do this cause it usualy takes 40-50 rounds to kill them.
If you have a shotgun and they are really close shoot them in cover, then charge shooting them to stun them until you get close enough to use the bayonet on your shotgun.

Game Name: Medal of Honor Airborne

Cheat Name: Elite MG 42 guys

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