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Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Mass Effect 3
  • Game Description: The Mass Effect series needs no introduction and Mass Effect 3 promises not to disappoint. An ancient alien race known only as "Repears" has launched an invasion of the entire galaxy and are completely destroying everything in their path. It's up to you to stop them, as Commander Shepard. Mass Effect 3 lets you determine how various events and paths within the game itself will play it, which planets you will visit and with whom you will become either allies or enemies. Everything about Mass Effect 3 is up to you!

100% Reaper Infected System Resources cheat for Mass Effect 3 on Xbox 360

When you enter a new reaper controlled region, exit to the Normandy and save your game.

Now you can fly around the system scanning for resources and find them all. When the Reapers show up, run from them and continue to scan as much as possible.

Keep track of the resource locations, then reload your game, go back in and get them all with out wasting time and fuel in the attempt.

Game Name: Mass Effect 3

Cheat Name: 100% Reaper Infected System Resources

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