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Man vs. Wild Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Man vs. Wild
Game Description: If you're into hunting, this is one game that you have to play at least once. Man Vs. Wild is definitely a game that will leave your heart pounding with all of the realistic excitement and thrills of the hunt and the catch. This is an adventure that you don't want to miss out on. When playing Man Vs. Wild make sure that your survival skills are up to date because you will need them once you have been dropped in the middle of nowhere in extreme conditions. Puzzle solving skills wouldn't be bad to obtain here as well, as you will need these skills plus many more to advance in this action, nature thriller.


Achievements cheat for Man vs. Wild on Xbox 360

game name:

Man vs. Wild

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All God's Creatures - 20 gamerpoints - Find all the animals of interest in the Everglades.
Animal Kingdom - 20 gamerpoints - Locate all Animals of Interest in the Rockies.
As I Scan This Wasted Land - 100 gamerpoints - Complete the "Sahara" campaign.
Bear Grylls - 100 gamerpoints - Reach the Level "Bear Grylls".
Bob's Boats - 20 gamerpoints - Find all of Bob McClure's Boats in the Everglades.
Born Survivor - 100 gamerpoints - Complete all episodes without passing out.
Casted Away - 20 gamerpoints - Find all the Man Made Items in Deserted Island.
Climbing the Rockies - 100 gamerpoints - Complete the "Rocky Mountains" campaign.
Down in the Low, Low Land - 100 gamerpoints - Complete the "Everglades" campaign.
Flight 815 - 20 gamerpoints - Find all the Plane Debris in Deserted Island.
Hard to Pronounce, Hard to Find - 20 gamerpoints - Find all Five Andiperla Willinkis in Patagonia.
Horticulture Grylls - 20 gamerpoints - Locate the Rare Plants in the Rockies.
How about A Winter's Tale - 100 gamerpoints - Complete the "Patagonia" campaign.
Nice Place You Had Here - 20 gamerpoints - Locate all the Trash in Patagonia.
Only Hope Can Keep Me Together - 100 gamerpoints - Complete the "Deserted Island" campaign.
Osteologist Grylls - 20 gamerpoints - Find all the Camel Bones in the Sahara.
Pack Rat Grylls - 20 gamerpoints - Tag all the Junk in the Everglades.
Patton Was Here - 20 gamerpoints - Find all the WWII Artifacts in the Sahara.
Reminders of the Rush - 20 gamerpoints - Locate all the Gold Rush Trash in the Rockies.
These Belong in a Museum - 20 gamerpoints - Find all the Ancient Artifacts in the Sahara.
Wild, Man! - 40 gamerpoints - Completed the Tutorial in Base Camp.

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