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Major League Baseball 2K6 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Major League Baseball 2K6
  • Game Description: Major League Baseball 2K6 is the most definitive baseball game on Xbox 360. The most authentic ever pitcher-batter showdown is created by A.I. In fact, it is can be said that is the most accurate pitching and batting ever created. Major League Baseball 2K6 will let you experience big league baseball like never before.

Achievements cheat for Major League Baseball 2K6 on Xbox 360

Complete the in-game goal to unlock the specified achievement points.

Robbery! - 150 points
Make a wall climb catch - rob a home run.

Super Slugger - 200 points
Hit 3 home runs in one game with the same player on "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.

Thief - 150 points
Successfully steal 5 bases in one game on "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.

Unhittable - 200 points
Strikeout 15 batters with one pitcher on "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.

Offensive Explosion - 300 points
Score 20 runs in one game on "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.

Game Name: Major League Baseball 2K6

Cheat Name: Achievements

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