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Madden NFL 11 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Madden NFL 11
  • Game Description: Madden NFL 11 is aiming to redefine the game of football on consoles this year. You get everything from a new GameFlow system (putting you literally in the helmet of the quarterback) and a multitude of new play options. Game times have also been altered so that you get more time actually playing the game on the field instead of having your nose in the playbook! All that, plus new features, graphics, animations and more! Madden NFL 11 is simpler, deeper and quicker.

Franchise Hints cheat for Madden NFL 11 on Xbox 360

On franchise mode, when going to player management, there is the spot where it has Potential and under it for other teams is ??.

Go to that and press X and it will sort them from A-F potential. This also works in Free-Agency.

You can also take players and move them from one position to another and it may change their potential.

And also if you go to edit player you can make a player that is a 95 line backer and put him at RB. Then then you can trade for them for practically nothing.

Game Name: Madden NFL 11

Cheat Name: Franchise Hints

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