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Madden NFL 07 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Madden NFL 07
  • Game Description: Warning: Beware! If you enter a cheat, then Quake 4 will disable your gamer-points and achievements. In order to play again, you will need to delete all your saved files and start all over again from the beginning.

Tip: Shut Out All Madden Achievement cheat for Madden NFL 07 on Xbox 360

Put the difficulty on All Madden and switch the quarters to 1 minute.
Kick the ball off and stop the offense successfully.
Then just kick a field goal with like 3 seconds left in first half.
You get the ball in second half so run out the clock.
This will unlock the online achievement.

Game Name: Madden NFL 07

Cheat Name: Tip: Shut Out All Madden Achievement

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