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MX vs ATV Untamed Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: MX vs ATV Untamed
  • Game Description: With high-profile games such as MotorStorm and Dirt MX vs ATV Untamed by Rainbow studio, it is another addition to the category of off-road racing. Compete in the X-Cross tournament, which brings together eight unique and different racing series, and crosses them into one ultimate off-road championship. Tear through treacherous trails in the new Opencross mode, and then quickly shift gears to navigate boulders, logs and water pits in Endurocross. Take control of the ORV Sport, Monster or Trophy Truck and blaze through massive environments to determine which vehicle owns the off-road. The Xbox 360 version looks superior in practically every way, with a superior frame rate, less aliasing, slightly sharper textures and less graphical pop-in.

Moves List cheat for MX vs ATV Untamed on Xbox 360

360: Press Left + Right + RB
9 O'clock Indian Air: Press Up + Y
9 O'clock Nac: Press Right + Y
Backflip: Press Up + Down + RB
Can Can: Press Down + Y
Disco Can: Press Left + Y
Double Can: Press Up + B
Double Grab: Press Right + B
Hart Attack: Press Down + B
Heel Clicker: Press Left + B
Indian Air: Press Up + RB + Y
Ninja Nac: Press Right + RB + Y
No Footer: Press Down + RB + Y
No Handed Disco Can: Press Left + RB + Y
No Hander: Press Up + Y
Nothing: Press Up + B + RB
Pendulum: Press Right + B + RB
Rigomortis: Press Down + B + RB
Rock Solid: Press Left + RB + Y + B
Rodeo: Press Left + B + RB
Ruler: Press Up + Y + B
Saran Wrap: Press Right + Y + B
Shaolin: Press Down + Y + B
Side Saddle: Press Left/Right/Down + Y
Sterilizer: Press Up/Right + B
Stripper: Press Left + Y + B
Super Can: Press Up + RB + Y + B
Superman: Press Right + RB + Y + B
Superman Seatgrab: Press Down + RB + Y + B
Taunt: Press Down + B

Game Name: MX vs ATV Untamed

Cheat Name: Moves List

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