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Lost Planet 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Lost Planet 3
  • Game Description: Lost Planet 3 takes you deeper into the Lost Planet universe and you will uncover new secrets and stories within the E.D.N. III environment. Lost Planet 3 also features many new multiplayer modes as well as the addictive single player experience that we've come to expect from the series.

Thermal Posts Locations Guide cheat for Lost Planet 3 on Xbox 360

Thermal Posts (also called T-Posts) give you more money in-game and can be hard to find. There's six of them and here's all the locations:


The first post can be found in White Canyon Junction: Diaz Cavern and you can't miss it by simply playing the game. It will give you a quest to find the rest of the posts.


Go to Bailey’s Crossing and you need to locate a tunnel that leads to the south exit of the area. Follow the tunnel until you get to a clearing and at the back of the clearing you'll find the post.


Head to Dr. Roman’s area in Shackleton Peak and then go directly south until you find a pipe at the base of Shackleton Peak. Simply use your zipline to get across to to cave. The T-Post is in the cave.


As you proceed through Bishop's Wake keep an eye out for a winch prompt (it will come up on your screen). When it does use your winch and a zip line to get to a new area. Then use your detector find the T-Post.


Head east in Killing Fields until you find a platform around which there will be another winch prompt. Use your winch to reach an island then go south on the island. The T-Post will be there.

6. When in Pickett's Folly go up the slope that would otherwise normally take you to the Killing Fields and look for a cave on the left-hand side. When in the cave use your grappling hook to ascend down and then go towards the back of the save to find the sixth and final Thermal Post.

Game Name: Lost Planet 3

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