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Lost Planet 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Lost Planet 3
Game Description: Lost Planet 3 takes you deeper into the Lost Planet universe and you will uncover new secrets and stories within the E.D.N. III environment. Lost Planet 3 also features many new multiplayer modes as well as the addictive single player experience that we've come to expect from the series.


Thermal Posts Locations Guide cheat for Lost Planet 3 on Xbox 360

game name:

Lost Planet 3

cheat title:

Thermal Posts Locations Guide


Thermal Posts (also called T-Posts) give you more money in-game and can be hard to find. There's six of them and here's all the locations:


The first post can be found in White Canyon Junction: Diaz Cavern and you can't miss it by simply playing the game. It will give you a quest to find the rest of the posts.


Go to Bailey’s Crossing and you need to locate a tunnel that leads to the south exit of the area. Follow the tunnel until you get to a clearing and at the back of the clearing you'll find the post.


Head to Dr. Roman’s area in Shackleton Peak and then go directly south until you find a pipe at the base of Shackleton Peak. Simply use your zipline to get across to to cave. The T-Post is in the cave.


As you proceed through Bishop's Wake keep an eye out for a winch prompt (it will come up on your screen). When it does use your winch and a zip line to get to a new area. Then use your detector find the T-Post.


Head east in Killing Fields until you find a platform around which there will be another winch prompt. Use your winch to reach an island then go south on the island. The T-Post will be there.

6. When in Pickett's Folly go up the slope that would otherwise normally take you to the Killing Fields and look for a cave on the left-hand side. When in the cave use your grappling hook to ascend down and then go towards the back of the save to find the sixth and final Thermal Post.

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