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Lost Odyssey Xbox 360 Cheats

Cheats for Lost Odyssey on Xbox 360

Game: Lost Odyssey
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Mistwalker
Genre: RPG
Game Description: Published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360 and developed by Mistwalker and Feelplus, Lost Odyssey is the tale of a man who is immortal, Kaim. It is a role-playing game using the traditional Japanese turn based role-playing system. Many varied characters such as Seth, Ming, Sarah and Gongora who are also immortal apart from Kaim, are integral and important part of the plot. The scale and aura of the Lost Odyssey are epic filled with breathtaking visuals and adventures made possible only by the power of Xbox 360, Lost Odyssey will take through the impounding journey of Kaim who is struggling with his past for a clam future.

Cheats and codes for Lost Odyssey on Xbox 360

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