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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
  • Game Description: It’s the Lego gameplay you love set in the Marvel universe. Loki and other Marvel villains are creating a doomsday weapon, and it’s up to you to stop them. Join all of your favorite Marvel characters—including Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America, and Wolverine—in their quest to save the world.

Deadpool Brick Locations Guide cheat for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on Xbox 360

Follow the guide below to unlock the powers indicated. Each of the missions listed (eg "Tabloid Tidy Up – Daily Bugle") is a hub mission and in that mission you will find a Deadpool Brick. That is what will unlock the superpower listed. The hub missions need to be played in Free Play mode and once the bricks have been collected, you can activate them in the Deadpool room on the Helicarrier.

Tabloid Tidy Up – Daily Bugle - x4 Multiplayer - Use Telekinesis to rearrange trophies in the office
A Shock Withdrawal – Federal bank - Ghost Studs - Use Telekinesis to rearrange trophies in the office
House Party Protoco – Stark Tower - x10 Multiplayer - Use Telekinesis to break open a pinata
Nuff Said – Marvel HQ - Gold Brick Detector - Use Telekinesis to assemble a picture of deadpool in the back corner
Feeling Fisky – Fisk Towers - x6 multiplier - Use Telekinesis on a picture of kingpin, destroying the golden door with heat bean.
Put Up Your Dukes – Fogwell Gym - Fast build - Use the control pad next to Captain America
Stunt Show Surprise – Circus tent - Attract Studs - Use Magnetic power to break open a metallic cage
Reptillian Ruckus – reptopia - x8 multiplayer - Change a transformer, use magnetic power to open a metallic container
Stranger Danger – sanctum Sactorum - Minikit detector - move through the sand pit, use telekinesis to access a crate and place all the pieces together while pulling grapple.
The Thrill of the Chess – The Raft - Token Detector - Use Venom to go through the symbioteon the left wall
Bro-Tunheim - Main Character - with a heat bean to melt the icy.

Game Name: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Cheat Name: Deadpool Brick Locations Guide

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