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Kung Fu Panda Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Kung Fu Panda
  • Game Description: DreamWorks Animation movie Kung Fu Panda based Kung Fu Panda, the game is ready to steal the show on Xbox 360. It takes you through an action-packed adventure through and beyond the movie. In Kung Fu Panda you have to take on Tai Lung and his minions navigating through awesome environments and winning over dangerous impediments to ultimately transform into the legendary Dragon warrior.

Win 4 New Multiplayer Characters cheat for Kung Fu Panda on Xbox 360

You can unlock more things in the game by getting rare coins.
If you get the rare coin in the first level "Po's Dream", then you will unlock four characters in Multiplayer mode.
They are: Tai Lung, A Woof Sister, The fat guy with the wrecking ball thing that looks purple and has horns, and one of Tai Lung's minions with the swords.
After you do the first panda stumble, walk back to the bottom of the hill that you started stumbling on, and you will see a green rare coin hovering above a box!

Game Name: Kung Fu Panda

Cheat Name: Win 4 New Multiplayer Characters

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