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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
  • Game Description: This is the newer, rawer and more brutal version of Kane & Lynch - Dog Days. You take on the roles of both Lynch ,an impulsive & reckless self-medicated psychopath, and Kane, a tactical and calculating ex-mercenary. Go through their frantic fight, as criminals, throughout the nasty underworld of Shanghai. These guys are so bad they don't even trust each other, let alone anyone else. In Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days its simply kill or be killed. So what's it gonna be?

Hitman Reference cheat for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days on Xbox 360

When you are in the police fight in Chapter 2, go to the store on the left hand side when Kane tells you to. You will find that one of the pictures on the wall is of Agent 47 from the Hitman series of video games.

Game Name: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Cheat Name: Hitman Reference

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