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Iron Man Xbox 360 Cheats

Cheats for Iron Man on Xbox 360

Game: Iron Man
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Secret Level
Genre: Action
Game Description: Iron Man's story line is an action packed game inspired by the popular comic series and movie of iron man. Tony Stark the owner of Stark industries excelled in making weapons and had a genius mind and fame. However, during a routine weapons test in the Middle East, power-hungry militants led a violent ambush against Tony and claimed him as their prisoner. Tony's new enemies wanted him to make a new next generation weapon for them. Tony built his own ultimate weapon, a powerful suit of armor that served as the key to his heroic escape. His near-death experience drastically altered his outlook on life, and he decided to cease production of all Stark Industries weapons, despite the protests of longtime family friend and mentor Obadiah Stane. Aided by his charming assistant, Pepper Potts and equipped with a new suit even more advanced than the one used in his escape, Tony took it upon himself to destroy all Stark weapons in enemy hands, personally. He became more than a man. He became Iron Man. The games run smoothly on Xbox 360. Its combat sequences look amazingly realistic on Xbox 360.

Cheats and codes for Iron Man on Xbox 360

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