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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cheat for Xbox 360: Lock Wanted Level

cheat name:

Lock Wanted Level


B, Right, B, Right, Left, X, Y, Up

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          $250,000, Full Armor and Full Health
          Add Stars to Wanted Level
          Aggressive Drivers
          Aggressive Traffic
          All Cars Have Nitrous
          All Cars have Tank Properties
          All Cheats in One
          All Traffic are Junk Cars
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          Cars Can Fly
          Cars Drive on Water
          Cars Fly Away When Hit
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          Enter Area 51
          Faster Clock
          Faster Gameplay
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          Flying Boats
          Foggy RB
          Full Weapon Aiming While Driving
          Gang Riots
          Ghost Car
          Hell Rider
          Hitman Rank (All Weapons)
          Increase Car Speed
          Infinite Ammo
          Infinite Health
          Infinite Lung Air
          Instant Death
          Into the Darkness
          Killer Clown Mode
          Lock Wanted Level
          Lower Wanted Level
          Max Fat
          Max Muscle
          Max Respect
          Max Sex Appeal
          Max Vehicle Stats
          Mid Air Bike Ride
          Morning RB
          Never Hungry
          No Cops
          No Muscle and No Fat
          Noon RB
          No Pedestrians / Low Traffic
          Orange Sky
          Pedestrian Attack
          Pedestrian Riot Mode
          Pedestrians Are Elvis
          Pedestrians Attack with Guns
          Pedestrian Weapons
          Perfect Handling in Vehicles
          Pimp Mode #1
          Pimp Mode #2
          Pink Traffic
          Raise Wanted Level
          RB Traffic
          Recruit Anyone (9mm)
          Recruit Anyone (Rockets)
          RedNeck Fireworks
          Sand Storm
          Sea Sparrow
          Slow Down Game Play
          Slow Motion
          Spawn Bloodring Banger
          Spawn Caddy
          Spawn Dozer
          Spawn Hotring Racer #1
          Spawn Hotring Racer #2
          Spawn Hunter
          Spawn Hydra
          Spawn Jetpack
          Spawn Monster
          Spawn Quadbike
          Spawn Rancher
          Spawn Rhino
          Spawn Stretch
          Spawn Stunt Plane
          Spawn Tanker
          Spawn Vortex
          Sports Car Traffic
          Stormy RB
          Super Bike Jumps
          Super Jumps
          Super Punches
          Traffic Lights Stay Green
          Train on 3rd Island
          Unlock Romero
          Unlock Trashmaster
          Vehicle of Death
          Wanted Level Never Increases
          Weapon Set 1
          Weapon Set 2
          Weapon Set 3
          Yakuza Mode

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