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Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 Cheats


Ribbons cheat for Gears of War 3 on Xbox 360

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Gears of War 3

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MVP - Highest point total for the match.
First Blood - Earned the first kill of the round.
F.I.F.O. - First to die in a round.
Last Man Out - Last man standing on your team.
Better Man - Won a sudden-death showdown.
Clutch - Killed 3 or more as last man standing to win the round.
Never Had a Chance - Won every round in the match.
The Double - 2 quick kills in a row.
The Triple - 3 quick kills in a row.
The Quad - 4 quick kills in a row.
The Quinn - 5 quick kills in a row.
Nemesis - Killed same opponent 5 times.
Retribution - Killed your nemesis.
Swift Vengeance - Revenge killed your last killer.
Solid - More kills than deaths in a match.
Denied! - Ended an opponent's kill streak.
Killing Spree - Killed 5 opponents without dying.
Rampage - Killed 10 opponents without dying.
Unstoppable - Killed 15 opponents without dying.
Invincible - Killed 20 opponents without dying.
Godlike - Killed 25 opponents without dying.
Trick Shot - One Torque Bow headshot leading to a double kill.
Hat Trick - Scored 3 headshots in a row without dying.
Mortarfied - Killed multiple opponents with a single Mortar shot.
Clusterluck - Killed multiple opponents with one grenade.
Grenade Hug - Killed an opponent after being grenade tagged.
Sapper Star - Killed an opponent with the opponent's own planted frag grenade.
Ole! - Grenade tagged a Retro charging opponent.
Boombardier - Killed multiple opponents with a single Boomshot blast.
Hail Mary - Boomshot kill from over 200 feet.
Kaboom! - Killed multiple opponents with a single Sawed-off Shotgun blast.
Roadblock - Stopped a Retro charge with the Sawed-off Shotgun.
Lumberjack - Chainsawed 3 opponents in a row.
Charge! - Retro charged 3 opponents in a row.
Military Intelligence - 5 opponents spotted ending in a kill.
Not So Fast - Killed an opponent who was executing a teammate.
Negotiation Over - Headshot an opponent with a meatshield.
Oscar Mike - Killed a Roadie Running opponent with a headshot.
The Super - Killed an evading opponent with a headshot.
Death from Below - Killed an opponent with a grenade while downed.
Death from Beyond - Killed an opponent after you have died.
Death from Above - Killed multiple opponents with a single HOD blast.
Untouchable - Never captured when playing as the leader.
Lead by Example - Killed 5 opponents as the leader in a round.
Want Something Done - Captured the enemy leader when playing as the leader.
Captiv-ating - Captured the enemy leader.
Secret Service - Most leader rescues in a match.
Rear Guard - Survived every round of Wingman.
Avenged - Killed your Wingman's assassin.
Top of the Hill - Killed 5 opponents from inside the ring.
Ring Breaker - Broke opposing ring 3 times in a round.
Ring King - Captured a ring 3 times in a round.
Dead Ringer - Won a round of KOTH by shutting out the opposing team.
Eye on the Prize - Most points earned in the ring.
Sacrifice - Broke the ring alone while DBNO.
No, Wait! - Killed an opponent while they reloaded.
Special Delivery - Killed an opponent with a bag & tag.
No Smoking - Killed an opponent with a smoke grenade.
Never Surrender - Come from defeat to win a match.
Unlucky Bastard - Only player on your team to die in a round.
Team Player - Most assists in a match.
Personal Assistant - Assisted 10 kills in a round.
Medic - Revived 5 teammates in a round.
So Close - Killed while recovering from DBNO.
Survivor - Revived yourself 5 times in a round.
Methodical - 5 executions in a round.
Stop Thief! - 5 kills stolen by others in a round.
First to Fight - First kill in every round of a match.
Final Word - Final kill of the match.
The Cleaner - Final kill in every round of a match.
Coup de Grace - Final kill with an execution.
Vigilant - Won a match with no deaths and 10+ kills.
Smooth Operator - Highest K/D ratio in a match.
Tough Guy - Fewest deaths in a match.
Rough Day - Most deaths in a match.
Stay Down - More downs than kills in a match.
Executioner - Most executions in a match.
Evasive - Leaser damage taken in a match.
Contender - Most melee hits in a match.
Pacifist - Most revives than kills in a match.
Spray and Pray - Most blindfire kills in a match.
Headhunter - Most headshot kills in a match.
Carmine's Star - Most headshot deaths in a match.
Grenadier - Most grenade kills in a match.
Pistoleer - Most pistol kills in a match.
Quick Clips - Most perfect Active Reloads in a match.
Clear! - Most revives in a match.
Well Protected - Most revived player in a match.
Guys? Hello? - Most time down but not out in a match.
Buttoned Up - Spent the most time in cover.
Under the Radar - Earned no other ribbons in a match.
Pop Goes the Weasel - Blew up 3 enemies at once (Ticker).
Indigestion - Killed an enemy with a swallowed grenade (Wild Ticker).
Monkey-Dog - Multiple enemies you stunned were killed (Wretch).
Meatshop - Killed 4 enemies without dying (Butcher).
Team Shaman - Healed 4 teammates at once (Kantus).
Team Savior - Revived 3 teammates at once (Kantus).
Pillager - Destroyed 5 fortifications in a round.
Test Driver - Played as 5 different Locust in a round.
Antihero - Killed 5 different Heroes in a round.
Ready for the Heavies - Unlocked the final row of Locust.
Just in Time - Completed the wave with only 1 second left.
Long Hauler - Completed all 50 waves in one session.
Point Man - Earned the most cash in the wave.
Combat Engineer - Worked on 5 fortifications in one deployment.
Founder - Established a COG Base.
Financier - Gave $5,000 to teammates.
Reconnaissance - In Ghost Cam, spotted 3 weapons before they were picked up.
Observer - Survived the wave but with no kills.
Phat Loot - Completed a wave Challenge Objective.
Last Hope - Survived the wave as the last one alive.
Go on Without Me - Completed the wave as the only one dead.
High ROI - Killed 5 enemies with a weapon you purchased.
I Gotcha - Revived all 4 teammates in one wave.
Like a Boss - Survived a Boss Wave without going down or dying.
Rope-a-Dope - Killed 3 enemies in a wave that were attacking a decoy.
Botanist - Shot 5 Lambent Pods in a chapter.
Mech Jockey - Killed 10 enemies with a Silverback.
Flyswatter - Killed 5 Shriekers.
Quick Kicker - Kicked 5 small enemies.
Pull! - Killed a ground bursting enemy in the air.
Dewormer - Killed 3 Lambent Headsnakes.
Pruner - Sever 5 Lambent mutant arms.
Pig Sticker - Retro charge 4 Formers in one charge.
Ace - Most kills in an Arcade chapter.
Hand Holder - Most revives in an Arcade chapter.
Wingman - Most assists in an Arcade chapter.
Stockpiler - Most ammo taken in an Arcade chapter.
Conservationist - Least ammo taken in an Arcade chapter.
Number 1 - Earned the highest score in an Arcade chapter.
Priority Target - Highest score for a single kill in an Arcade chapter.
On Your Feet, Soldier - Completed Arcade chapter without going down but not out.

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