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Frontlines: Fuel of War Xbox 360 Cheats

Frontlines: Fuel of War Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Frontlines: Fuel of War
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Kaos Studios
Genre: Shooter

The world economy is in shambles as the natural resources have depleted and depression is deepening by the day. In Frontlines: Fuel of War superpowers of the world will tussle out with each other to keep their hold strong. You as a superpower will be in the middle of the intense next great war in the history right on Xbox 360. The people have grown frantic and the society is nearing its end. The two superpowers in Frontlines: Fuel of War, the Western Coalition and the Red Star Alliance are preparing for an unavoidable conflict. As a player, join either of the side and take the world to a new tomorrow.

Frontlines: Fuel of War cheat for Xbox 360: Village Assault

cheat name:

Village Assault

cheat: From the main menu select extras.
Next select Bonus Content.
Enter code sp-village to unlock the mission.
submited by: Underdawg004
submited: Fri, 29th February 2008 04:27 AM

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