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Forza Horizon Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Forza Horizon
  • Game Description: An intense action racing style game of Forza Motorsport set against the unique backdrop of a festival-like atmosphere of the world’s most unique motorsport celebration. Drastic driving maneuvers combined with an excellent soundtrack deliver an exciting driving experience. This game stays true to the Forza Motorsport franchise.

Best in Class Car Guide cheat for Forza Horizon on Xbox 360

E Class
* MINI cooper '65

D Class
* Fairlady Z '69
* MINI cooper '65
* Abarth 595 esse esse

C Class
* MINI Cooper '65
* Mustang Boss '70

B Class
* MINI Cooper '65
* Ferrari 250 GTO
* AE86 Trueno
* Audi Quattro
* Mazda MX5 miata
* VW corrado

A Class
* R34
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI
* Audi Quattro
* Supra
* Audi RS4
* Mazda RX7

S Class
* Ford GT
* Audi Quattro
* Diablo SV
* Audi R8 spyder GT

R3 Class
* Noble M600
* Ford RS200 (short courses only)
* Aventador J

R2 Class
* Ferrari 599XX
* Ferrari Enzo

R1 Class
* Pagani Zonda R
* Radical SR8 (short courses only)
* Ferrari FXX
* Ferrari 599XX evo

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Cheat Name: Best in Class Car Guide

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