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Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Final Fantasy XIII
Game Description: Final Fantasy XIII - what more needs to be said? Enjoy the latest iteration of this infamous games series on the Xbox 360. You get great controls, amazing graphics and sounds, and fabulous transitions from Final Fantasy's gameplay to stunning cinematic sequences.


Achievements cheat for Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360

game name:

Final Fantasy XIII

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Adamant Will - 30 GamerPoints - Felled a heavyweight of the lowerworld wilds.
Commando's Seal - 15 GamerPoints - Mastered the Commando role.
Limit Breaker - 30 GamerPoints - Dealt 100,000+damage with a single attack.
Loremaster - 80 GamerPoints - Discerned the full attributes of 100 enemies.
Master's Seal - 30 GamerPoints - Fully developed all characters.
Medic's Seal - 15 GamerPoints - Mastered the Medic role.
Ravager's Seal - 15 GamerPoints - Mastered the Ravager role.
Saboteur's Seal - 15 GamerPoints - Mastered the Saboteur role.
Sentinel's Seal - 15 GamerPoints - Mastered the Sentinel role.
Synergist's Seal - 15 GamerPoints - Mastered the Synergist role.
Treasure Hunter - 80 GamerPoints - Held every weapon and accessory.

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