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Fatal Inertia Xbox 360 Cheats

Cheats for Fatal Inertia on Xbox 360

Game: Fatal Inertia
Publisher: Koei
Developer: Koei
Genre: Racing
Game Description: Rally racing, demolition derby and high-performance aeronautics are three totally different disciplines, which by the virtue of mankind’s never quenching thirst for excitement and adventure get combined to give birth to one of the most progressive and intensive games of twenty-second century. Each vehicle can manipulate velocity, force and even time, as a dimension. In Fatal Inertia, every player is armed with a unique array of unconventional weapons loaded in their vehicle. Some of the dangers that drivers must face include explosive magnets that can influence their race-craft’s stability as well as rockets that can defy thrust and velocity. As drivers speed over 500mph racing in harsh conditions straddling over dense rainforests to immense glacier fields to canyons of razor sharp rocks, there will remain no space for even a minor error. Fatal Inertia that can be played on Microsoft Xbox360 is not just a test of the speed but it is a test of the mental and physical abilities of those brave men and women who choose to compete in this low-altitude combat maneuvering.

Cheats and codes for Fatal Inertia on Xbox 360

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