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Far Cry 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Far Cry 3
Game Description: As Jason Brody, you are stranded on a mysterious island ruled by piracy and misery. Violence is the only principle known throughout the tropical prison. Choose your own battles and choose your enemies and allies wisely using bombs and a selection of other weapons to survive the dangerous island.


Unlocking Signature Weapons cheat for Far Cry 3 on Xbox 360

game name:

Far Cry 3

cheat title:

Unlocking Signature Weapons


If you manage to complete the requirement below and stump up the cash, then you can unlock the signature weapons below. They are all rated five stars!

AMR - Sniper Rifle
A customized Z93 with extended magazine, high power scope, and custom paint. Fires an explosive, penetrating round. Enhanced for damage at long range.
How to unlock: Find 20 Relics.
Cost: $4,800

Bull Shotgun
A customized M133 shotgun with extended shell capacity, and custom paint. Enhanced for damage.
How to unlock: Find 10 Relics.
Cost: $3,010

Bushman Assault Rifle
A customized P416 with optical scope, extended magazine, suppressor, and custom paint. Enhanced for accuracy and damage.
How to unlock: Activate all Radio Towers.
Cost: Unknown

Cannon Pistol
A customized .44 Magnum with extended barrel, optical sight, 6 round chamber, and custom paint. Enhanced for accuracy and damage.
How to unlock: Uplay Reward
Cost: Unknown

Japanese Tanto Machete upgrade
The tanto is a Japanese dagger that was carried by the samurai. Wielding one of these will increase the damage dealt in melee combat.
How to unlock: Find six Letters Of The Lost.
Cost: $0

Ripper Light Machine Gun
Description: A customized MKG with optical scope, extended magazine, and custom paint. Enhanced for accuracy, damage, and low recoil.
How to unlock: Successfully complete six Trials Of Rakyat.
Cost: $4,200

Shadow Pistol
Description: A customized 1911 pistol with a larger magazine, silencer, and custom paint. Enhanced for accuracy and stealth.
How to unlock: Liberate 17 enemy outposts.
Cost: $2,600

Shredder Submachine Gun
Description: A customized Vector .45 ACP with reflect sight, suppressor, extended magazine, and custom paint. Enhanced for accuracy and damage.
How to unlock: Collect 10 Memory Cards.
Cost: $3,275

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