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FIFA World Cup 2010 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: FIFA World Cup 2010
  • Game Description: It's 2010, and time for the FIFA World Cup, taking place in South Africa. EA Sports has the only officially licensed video game of the single biggest sporting event on earth. The World Cup inspires a lot of passion as the most heated rivalries play out in pursuit of the World Cup. In FIFA World Cup South Africa, you'll take on the extreme challenge of bringing your home nation's team from the qualifying rounds through the tournament to a virtual re-creation of the Final. You have the chance to feel what it is like to score that winning goal that restores national pride. This is the first time that you can play out the FIFA World Cup in authentic online tournament play. You get to represent the dreams of your nation's team, and you'll experience the rivalry of not only the other teams, but their fans. From the group stage right on through the knockout rounds, you compete in the same conditions as your sports heroes in South Africa in 2010. If your favorite nation failed to qualify, here's your chance to experience thrilling game play and re-write a bit of virtual history.

Secret Achievements cheat for FIFA World Cup 2010 on Xbox 360

Better luck needed next time - Finish the group stage without advancing to the Knockout stage of the Online 2010 FIFA World Cup
First time on the world stage - Play in the Online FIFA World Cup with a team that have never qualified for the FIFA World Cup Finals.
Pressure Cooker - Score in a penalty shootout using your Virtual Pro and win the game.
Secret trophy (Unknown) - Unknown.
Secret trophy (Unknown) - Unknown.
Secret trophy (Unknown) - Unknown.

Game Name: FIFA World Cup 2010

Cheat Name: Secret Achievements

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