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FIFA 07 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: FIFA 07
  • Game Description: FIFA 07 (also known as FIFA Football 07 or FIFA Soccer 07) is the 2007 edition of the Electronic Arts series of soccer simulator video games. The Xbox 360 version of the game has exclusive next-generation graphics and physics engine only for the console. FIFA 07 has been launched with more improved and enhanced features such as manager mode to match realistic player experience rates, player’s age and their ratings, etc. Experience the most authentic video gaming on Xbox 360 of this beautiful game. The thrill of that last minute goal or the storming of your strikers into the opponent territory with those fantastic moves and dribbles will leave you in awe. Gamers can have their own teams and rise to the glory of FIFA 07 cup.

Make Players Awesome cheat for FIFA 07 on Xbox 360

This trick will allow you to have an unlimited amount of points for a created player. It also works with the existing players and enables you to increase their stats to perfect.
The process takes about an hour to make a perfect custom player.
While in the creation process, go to "Traits" and select all the negative ones (they give you 1500 points).
Press A to exit the Traits screen. Select a category (such as attack, defense, etc.) and distribute the points as you wish.
When finished, press A. Go back to the Traits screen and de-select the negative traits. Press A to exit.
Press Start and save your player. Re-open your created player in the edit player feature. Repeat the previous steps until the desired stats are achieved.

Game Name: FIFA 07

Cheat Name: Make Players Awesome

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