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Eternal Sonata Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Eternal Sonata
  • Game Description: Famous composer Chopin lying on his deathbed is drifting between current and the subsequent life. Breathing his last moments, he has this fantastic dream where he sees a beautiful young girl with a terrible destiny, facing trouble. There is this boy who is ready to fight all odds to save her. Smoothing between reality and his dream, Chopin realizes the divine light that shines within all of us. The light, which keeps shining through this enduring tale of love and betrayal, good and evil. Eternal Sonata available on Xbox 360 has been developed by Tri-Crescendo. It features the music of Chopin. Designed along a fascinating storyline and a pioneering action battle system, Eternal Sonata brings forth amazingly comprehensive 3-D graphics for pro-gamers.

Score Piece Locations cheat for Eternal Sonata on Xbox 360

Score pieces can be used to perform music with various NPCs as follows:

1 - Agogo Village- small shrine by March's house
10 - Baroque Castle- bedroom on 1st floor, east
11 - Baroque Castle- clock in 2nd floor room, east
12 - Baroque Inn- room on 2nd floor
13 - Baroque- snowman near entrance
14 - Sharp Mts.- 2nd point, hole on the right
15 - Sharp Mts.- fireplace in lodge
16 - Wah Lava Caves- Middle 3, chest
17 - Ritardando- bakery
18 - Ritardando- bakery
19 - Mandolin Church Catacombs- chest in East Section
2 - Ft. Fermata- chest after boss fight
20 - Baroque Tavern- barrels after Dolce #3
21 - Celeste Forest- from merchant
22 - Cowbell Heights- bottom of Cello Tree
23 - Mysterious Unison- chest on 4th floor
24 - Mysterious Unison- chest on 9th floor
25 - Mysterious Unison- chest on 12th floor
26 - Tenuto- play SP 24 w/Easygoing Flat
27 - Heaven's Mirror Forest- from squirrel in boss area
28 - Forte- 2nd floor of bar
29 - Forte- outside of inn
3 - Cantabile Inn- boat outside of inn
30 - Forte- from old man near castle, only if you spoke to granny in Ch.4 in Baroque Inn
31 - Baroque- talk to woman in lower house, then help man in Sharp Mts.
32 - Cabasa Bridge- play SP 19 with Disappointed Note, Chapter 7 only
4 - Woodblock Groves- chest in North Center
5 - Andante- storage room near Sullen Melody
6 - Andante- pillar before the first bridge
7 - Baroque Ship- bedroom in the East Hallway
8 - Baroque Ship- barrel after Frederic cutscene
9 - Dolce's Ship- chest on 4th floor

Game Name: Eternal Sonata

Cheat Name: Score Piece Locations

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