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EndWar Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: EndWar
  • Game Description: Its 2016, the world is on the verge on a civil and economic breakdown, as it has been gripped by the most severe energy crisis in known human history. The crisis has grown to catastrophic proportions, which has forced many a government into an intense struggle for maintaining law and order. EndWar shows the future of world 10 years from now due to growing energy crisis. Around 2020, The United States, Russia and Europe are tussling with each other in a growing arms race. This Xbox 360 game’s story takes you into realistic tension-filled world order. All the super-powers have put a dozen ground-effect weapons satellites into orbits around the earth. Just one spark ignited the World War III, which everyone had tried hard to avert until now.

Army Strategy cheat for EndWar on Xbox 360

This is not necessarily a cheat, more of a tip.

Make groups within your army (you should know how to do this from the tutorial) and have 1 tank, 1 heli and 1 transport.

Then to be more advanced add engineers and riflemen.

But, that will slow you down unless you have 2 transports to transpport them.

Game Name: EndWar

Cheat Name: Army Strategy

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