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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce
Game Description: In Dynasty Warriors: Strikerforce you can team up with up to four other friends for a joint online experience that takes tactical combat action to a new level. Together, you will travel throughout Imperial China on a series of different quests to take out various fortresses and monsters.


Achievements cheat for Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce on Xbox 360

game name:

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

cheat title:



Academy Disciple - 15 GamerPoints - Acquire first Chi Skill.
Blacksmith Patron 1 - 15 GamerPoints - Make first weapon.
Blacksmith Patron 2 - 15 GamerPoints - Power up first weapon.
Budding General - 15 GamerPoints - Issue first command to Allied Officer.
Budding Strategist - 15 GamerPoints - Use first Card Tactic.
Card Collector - 30 GamerPoints - Collect all Officer Cards.
Chi Collector - 30 GamerPoints - Collect all Chi Skills.
Dynasty Warrior - 130 GamerPoints - Unlock all achievements.
Grand Developer - 60 GamerPoints - Upgrade all City Facilities to maximum.
Grand General - 60 GamerPoints - Reach Level 50.
Grand Strategist - 60 GamerPoints - Use all Card Tactics.
Invincible General - 30 GamerPoints - Complete all Quests.
Legend Collector - 30 GamerPoints - Collect all Legends.
Minnow K.O. - 15 GamerPoints - Defeat first rank and file soldier.
Mutual Exchange - 30 GamerPoints - Trade Officer with another player for the first time.
Officer K.O. - 15 GamerPoints - Defeat first Officer.
Online Venture - 30 GamerPoints - Connect to Online City for the first time.
Orb Collector - 30 GamerPoints - Collect all Orbs.
Treasure Collector - 30 GamerPoints - Collect all Treasures.
Victory Banquet - 30 GamerPoints - Complete first online Quest.
Victory Toast - 15 GamerPoints - Complete first Quest.
Weapon Collector - 30 GamerPoints - Collect all Weapons.
Weaponry K.O. - 15 GamerPoints - Defeat first Weaponry.
Workshop Patron - 15 GamerPoints - Make first Orb.

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