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Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires Xbox 360 Cheats

Cheats for Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires on Xbox 360

Game: Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires
Publisher: KOEI Corporation
Developer: KOEI Corporation
Genre: Action
Game Description: Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires gives you the very best of action and strategy. This game, designed for all those Dynasty Warriors fans, gives you the chance to experience ancient China's greatest war as a lord. Being a warlord isn't easy: you have to think strategically. You have to decide when to change policies, when to attack, when to resist, when to grab even more power. By using a special card collecting system, players can enact policies that will make the empire stronger, give the army more strength, and fight successfully. The attributes of the officers and the army will determine which cards the player receives.

Cheats and codes for Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires on Xbox 360

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