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Dynasty Warriors 6 Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Dynasty Warriors 6
Game Description: The gaming series Dynasty Warriors 6 is based on the epic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It features the huge war fueled by the fall of the Han Dynasty when three rebellious states rose to overthrow the Emperor of China. Dynasty Warriors 6 features the all-new innovatively designed proprietary combat engine that delivers the excitement of wiping out thousands of soldiers single handedly on the colossal combat fields of Xbox 360. The stunts of kung-fu are lightening fast and the animation is absolutely fluid-motion captured one. The advanced AI of the combat system makes it more intuitive and the immersive environment craft a gaming experience beyond comparison, raising the bar of the tactical action games.


Achievements cheat for Dynasty Warriors 6 on Xbox 360

game name:

Dynasty Warriors 6

cheat title:



1st in Gauntlet - 10 points - Rank 1st - Pesonal Best points) In Gauntlet.
1st in Havoc - 10 points - Rank 1st - Personal Best points) In Havoc.
1st in Rampage - 10 points - Rank 1st - Personal Best points) In Rampage.
1st in Speed RUN - 10 points - Rank 1st - Personal Best points) in Speed Run.
1st in Sudden Death - 10 points - Rank 1st - Personal Best points) in Sudden Death.
Musou Mode Master - 50 points - All Musou modes cleared.
Scenario Captain - 40 points - 30 or more scenarios cleared.
Scenario Corporal - 30 points - 20 or More Scenarios Cleared.
Scenario General - 50 points - All scenarios cleared.
Scenario Private - 20 points - 10 or more scenarios cleared.
Target Captain - 50 points - 100 or more Targets achieved.
Target Corporal - 40 points - 70 or more Targets achieved.
Target General - 60 points - All Targets achieved.
Target Private - 30 points - 50 or more targets achieved.
The Arm of Cao Cao - 10 points - Xiahou Yuan has been unlocked.
The Barbarian Lord - 10 points - Wei Yan has been unlocked.
The Beautiful Dancer - 30 points - Diao Chan has been unlocked.
The Courageous Lord - 10 points - Xu Huang has been unlocked.
The Ferocious Warrior - 10 points - Taishi Ci has been unlocked.
The Fledgling Phoenix - 10 points - Pang Tong has been unlocked.
The Forthright Lord - 30 points - Zhang Liao has been unlocked.
The General of Heaven - 10 points - Zhang Jiao has been unlocked.
The Little Conqueror(10 points - Unlock Sun Ce.
The Lord Of Beauty - 10 points - Zhang He has been unlocked.
The Loyal Warrior - 10 points - Zhou Tai has been unlocked.
The Master General - 10 points - Lu Meng has been unlocked.
The Patriarch of Yuan - 10 points - Yuan Shao has been unlocked.
The Patriarch of Yuan - 10 points - Yuan Shao has been unlocked.
The Reckless Pirate - 30 points - Gan Ning has been unlocked.
The Sleeping Dragon - 30 points - Zhuge Liang has been unlocked.
The Son Of Guan Yu - 10 points - Guan Ping has been unlocked.
The Splendid One - 10 points - Ma Chao has been unlocked.
The Tiger General - 10 points - Huang Zhong has been unlocked.
The Tiger of Jiang Dong(10 points - Unlock Sun Jian.
The Veteran General - 10 points - Huang Gai has been unlocked.
The Wise Lady - 10 points - Yue Ying has been unlocked.

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