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Dustforce Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Dustforce
Game Description: Take on the role of a most unlikely hero in this 2D platformer. You are the only janitor who can clean up the dust and dirt around you. Dash along platforms, jump off of the walls and ceilings, and completely clean each new level.


Achievements cheat for Dustforce on Xbox 360

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Bathroom breaks are for the weak - 25 gamerpoints - Pass a red level without respawning.
Are you the Key Master? - 10 gamerpoints - Obtain a gold key.
Triple threat - 10 gamerpoints - Use area attack three times in a single player level.
Into the Trees - 25 gamerpoints - Unlock all Forest levels.
Maid Service - 25 gamerpoints - Unlock all Mansion levels.
City Ordinance - 25 gamerpoints - Unlock all City levels.
E-Waste Disposal - 25 gamerpoints - Unlock all Laboratory levels.
The Clean Up Crew - 10 gamerpoints - Score double-S in a silver level in each hub.
Spotless Shine - 25 gamerpoints - Score a flawless victory in a four-player online match.
The Janitor Possesses the Keys - 20 gamerpoints - Obtain a red key.
Easy Does it - 50 gamerpoints - Score double-S in all combat levels without using area attack.
One man's Trash... - 50 gamerpoints - Sweep 50 apples.
Master of the Custodial Arts - 100 gamerpoints - Score double-S in all original single player levels.

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