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Dragon Ball Raging Blast Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dragon Ball Raging Blast
  • Game Description: Dragon Ball: Raging Blast features the Dragon Ball combat style and some of the series' most popular characters. Characters have more expressive faces to really take you inside the Dragon Ball world. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast has outstanding graphics to really give you a sense of speed and power. Characters can use their "signature" moves, and they add the new "Super Rising" move, bringing more variety than ever to the battle scenes. You can explore a whole new side of Dragon Ball with Dragon Ball: Raging Blast.

Online Titles cheat for Dragon Ball Raging Blast on Xbox 360

Unlock these titles by playing online.

Astounding Power - Rank A
Bomb Maniac - Earn 10 victories with the Explosive Wave.
Capricious Warrior - Win 100 battles in cell games stage.
Counter Monster - Execute 5 counters in a battle.
Dirty Work - Take 5 Upwards Attacks in a battle.
Earth-Raised Namekian - Play 10 matches in a row with Piccolo
Earth-Raised Saiyan - Play 10 matches in a row with Goku
Elite Warrior - Earn 10 victories online.
Embarassment of the Clan - Lose 10 Saiyan on Saiyan fights
Energy Absorber - Win 10 times by absorbing energy.
Fireworks Master - Execute 5 Upwards Attacks in a battle.
Flying Dragon - Execute 2 Air Combo in a battle.
ginyu force member - Use each ginyu force character 2 times.
Golden Warrior - Record 50 victories with Super Saiyan Characters.
Grim Reaper of Justice - Win 100 battles with Gotenks
Incomplete Power. - Rank G
Invincible Warrior - Earn 20 victories without a loss.
Just a Bluff - Lose 20 times even though you transformed.
Legend Killer - Defeat Super Saiyan Characters 100 times.
Legendary Warrior - Earn 100 victories online.
Lightning God - Win 50 times with Plasma Aura.
Low Class Warrior - Default
Martial Arts Warrior - Execute 30 Hits in a battle
Nature Lover - Win in the Wasteland field without destroying anything
Preliminary Qualifier - Record 10 victories in the World Tournament stage.
Prince of Cruelty - Execute 5 Knockdown Attack in battle.
Proud prince of the Saiyans - play 10 matches in a row using Vegeta
proud prince of the saiyans - play 10 matches in a row using vegeta
Red Ribbon Army - Defeat Goku with Android characters 10 times.
Saiyan Killer - Defeat Saiyan Characters 100 times.
Strongest in the Other Wold - Win 50 battles with Angel Halo equipped.
Super Elite Warrior - Earn 50 victories online.
The World's Strongest Warrior. - Earn 500 Victories.
The World's Strongest Warrior. - Earn 500 Victories online.
Turtle Practitioner - Earn 10 victories with the Kamehameha
Ultimate Fighter - Win 10 times using an Ultimate Attack
Unknown Power. - Rank D
Warrior of Light - Use Solar Flare 10 times in a battle
World Class Speed - Execute 10 Vanishing in a battle.
Wussy Warrior - Earn 10 victories by running out of time.

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