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Dragon Age: Origins Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dragon Age: Origins
  • Game Description: Dragon Age: Origins comes to you from the folks who made Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Baldur's Gate. In this epic tale of betrayal, lust, and violence, the very survival of mankind is in the hands of those who were chosen by fate.As a player, you are a Gray Warden, one of the last of the old order guardians from an ancient order that has defended the land for centuries on end. After you're betrayed by a trusted comrade during an important battle, you have to hunt down the traitor and bring him to justice. You'll fight your way to one final confrontation with your evil adversary, and you'll face frightening enemies and engage in historic adventures to unite the people in a world that is at war with itself. You'll also be involved with a romance with a shapeshifter who may or may not hold the key to victory. She could just be a distraction from the real heart of your mission. You, as leader, have to make tough decisions and be ready to sacrifice those you love for the greater good of humanity.

Infinite Experience Until Level 25 cheat for Dragon Age: Origins on Xbox 360

In the beginning of the game "Duncan" will tell you to go into the "Wilds" and retrieve 3 vials of "Darkspawn Blood" and to look for "magically sealed" treaties.

You need to go into the wilds and retrieve the vials of blood, but do not get the treaties.

When you have the blood and not the treaties go talk to Duncan again, he will ask you if you have the blood and the treaties, you will say I have the vials of blood, but not the treaties.

This will give you the experience of the mission and you can do this until you are done with the glitch or you can go all the way to level 25.

Game Name: Dragon Age: Origins

Cheat Name: Infinite Experience Until Level 25

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