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This page contains everything you need to know about the Achievements cheat code for Double D Dodgeball on the Xbox 360. Be sure to scroll down and check out all the other cheat codes and tips we have too!

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Double D Dodgeball

Publisher: YUKES
Developer: YUKES
Genre: Xbox Live Arcade

Relive the good old days of playgrounds and coin-ops! Double D Dodgeball turns the classic childhood sport into a fast-paced, retro arcade experience. With frenetic eight person multiplayer action, grab seven of your friends and go four-on-four via Xbox LIVE to see which team has the ultimate bragging rights. Choose between a host of arcade-themed characters each with their own unique abilities. Select either East or West rule sets, switch up the playing surfaces, change the ball type, and more. No need to risk injury, just blast your friends from the comfort of your couch.

Double D Dodgeball cheat: Achievements

cheat name:


cheat: 20 MVPs - 25 gamerpoints - Be the MVP player 20 times in any mode.
50 Wins - 25 gamerpoints - Win 50 games in any mode.
Arena Master - 15 gamerpoints - Play at least once on each arena.
Ball Master - 10 gamerpoints - Use each ball in a game at least once.
Destroyer - 10 gamerpoints - Knock out opponents using each character's Super Shot.
Double KO - 15 gamerpoints - Knock out 2 or more opponents at once using the Shooter's Super Shot.
Finisher - 5 gamerpoints - Knock out an opponent using a Super Shot.
Line Master - 10 gamerpoints - Play at least once with each line and each ground variation.
Party Time! - 15 gamerpoints - Play in a game with eight players on Xbox LIVE.
Perfect Player - 25 gamerpoints - Win a match on Xbox LIVE without getting knocked out.
Perfect Team - 35 gamerpoints - Win a 6 vs 6 Xbox LIVE round without any teammates getting knocked out.
Ranked Veteran - 10 gamerpoints - Win at least 5 ranked matches on Xbox LIVE.
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submited: Tue, 12th August 2008 06:36 AM

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