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Everything you need to know about the Achievements cheat code for Don King Presents Prizefighter on the Xbox 360.

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Don King Presents Prizefighter Cheats

Game: Don King Presents Prizefighter
Publisher: 2K Sports
Developer: Venom Games
Genre: Sports

One of the most authentic and engrossing boxing games has arrived on Xbox 360. Don King Presents: Prizefighter is here with the most earnest and original boxing experience ever in the gaming world. The boxing lovers can build a career and rise to be the massive boxing stars. In Don King Presents: Prizefighter you must train, overcome adversity and get yourself promoted by avoiding the enticement of rising in notoriety. A game unfolds your journey of becoming one of the greatest boxing champions in a unique, live-action sports documentary style.

Don King Presents Prizefighter cheat: Achievements

cheat name:


cheat: 3ml of G? - 20 points - KO Milton Forrest.
Blind Fury - 20 points - KO Vassily Kablov.
Can't Touch This! - 10 points - KD an opponent without taking a single shot.
Don King Promoted - 30 points - Join Don's Team during your career.
Easy Pickings - 20 points - Defeat Nino Basilio.
First Steps - 5 points - Turn Pro in Career Mode.
Going the Distance - 150 points - Complete Career Mode.
Hook Hero - 20 points - Take it up top and land 1000 Hooks in any game mode.
Hot Shots - 50 points - Achieve 50 Signature Punch KO's in single or multiplayer.
Jab Master - 20 points - Take it up top and land 1000 Jabs in any game mode.
Judge Dreadful! - 20 points - KO Dave Saddler.
Lightning KO - 20 points - KO an opponent in the first 60 seconds of round 1 in any game mode.
Long Way Down - 42 points - Beat every fighter in Career Mode.
New Kid On The Block - 5 points - Create a Career Boxer.
One Armed Bandit - 20 points - KO Sven Zurilo.
Party Animal - 20 points - KO Nyack Quartey after a big night out.
Platinum Puncher - 100 points - Complete Career Mode on Champion difficulty.
Ring a Ding Bling - 30 points - Earn your first career million.
Stick and Move - 5 points - Show me you can dance around the ring kid and move more than your opponent.
Swinger - 35 points - Keep on throwing punches until your hands bleed! I wanna see 50,000 thrown shots, kid!
Tournament Champ - 30 points - Win a Ranked Tournament.
Twinkle Toes - 20 points - Rack up a ring mile.
Uppercut Machine - 20 points - Take it up top and land 1000 Uppercuts in any game mode.
Who's Winning Then? - 10 points - Play ten back to back multiplayer games.
World Champion - 50 points - Become the World Champ in Career Mode.
Xbox LIVE Champ - 20 points - Win 35 ranked fights.
Xbox LIVE Contender - 10 points - Win 15 ranked fights.
Xbox LIVE Journeyman - 5 points - Win 5 ranked fights.
Xbox LIVE Legend - 40 points - Win 50 ranked fights.
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submited: Wed, 28th May 2008 05:38 AM

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